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About Realm Investors

Investing In Life


Amplify Your Fortune with Trade-Secret Opportunities

Realm Investors are committed to developing lifelong partnerships and relationships where we guide and grow as a unit.

Imagine being free from the limitations of conventional earning and stepping into the next realm of possibility and opportunity.

To Do This We:

Share our knowledge & create community + mentorships


Strengthen & amplify each other's resolve & growth


Host quarterly prestigious events for Realm Investors


Focus on compounding effort


Offer the best investment opportunities possible


Use local contractors and American-made products wherever possible


Bryan Shepherd

Managing Partner
"The Big Guys with like 50 Kids"

25 years as a builder and developer of multifamily properties.

Chris Hammerle

Managing Partner

"The Doctor with lots of Hobbies" 

20 years experience flipping multifamily duplexes up to eight-plexes.

Justin Moy

Managing Partner

"The Tattooed Gym Rat"

Marketing professional, investor and Multifamily Syndication and Podcaster.

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We are The Realm Investors

Our elite group of Realm Investors includes other business owners, doctors, and business leaders. They all define success, not in prestigious accolades and credentials, but in personal freedom, family and new life experiences.

Join us and become a Realm Investor.


Passive Wealth in a Changing World

After working our asses off, we found that Multifamily Real Estate was the best backdoor avenue to jump into a realm of personal freedom, possibility and independence. We provide investment opportunities to career-driven professionals because that’s who we are and were.


In our mind-blowing society shift pursuing freedom and passive income, there are too many trending ideas and dishonorable ads out there. Many lead to either a lot of risk or just a different kind of box and workload. Because you’re so driven and capable, you may set yourself up for more work than necessary to reach your investment goals.

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